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Opal Dream 2006 123movies

Opal Dream 2006 123movies

Some things have to be believed to be seenJul. 12, 200686 Min.
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Watch: Opal Dream 2006 123movies, Full Movie Online – A young Australian girl living in a small rural mining town prefers the company of her two imaginary friends, Pobby and Dingan, to real children. She ends up looking awkward during social gatherings and her only tangible friend is her older brother, Ashmol, who finds Pobby and Dingan annoying and often makes fun of them because he’s embarrassed by his sister’s behavior. Kelly-Anne’s and Ashmol’s father is an opal miner trying to earn a living, and their mother is busy trying to fit in as a member of the community. Both parents agree that it’s time for Kelly-Ann to move on and leave her fantasy world behind – but when they force her to grow up too fast with a hasty decision, Pobby and Dingan are killed and Kelly-Ann falls into a grief-stricken illness. The only one who can set things right is Ashmol..
Plot: Pobby & Dingan are invisible. They live in an opal town in Australia and are friends with Kellyanne, the 9 year-old daughter of an opal miner. The film tells the story of the bizarre and inexplicable disappearance of Pobby & Dingan, Kellyanne’s imaginary friends, and the impact this has on her family and the whole town. The story is told through the eyes of Kellyanne’s 11 years old brother Ashmol.
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6.6/10 Votes: 1,008
69% | RottenTomatoes
56/100 | MetaCritic
N/A Votes: 20 Popularity: 2.391 | TMDB


a quieter and deeper Full Monty
This is quite a good film about a sun-scorched prospector town and family members whose dreams and imaginary worlds drive each other nuts. It’s deeper than the director’s best-known film, The Full Monty, though the topic is similar: the struggles of working-class folks to stay closer to their dreams than they are to their failures. The depiction of the town dynamics seemed to me as flawless as the individual performances, and as someone who comes from a family with shall we say a non-standard member, I was impressed with the film’s ability to produce a familiar emotional mix of exasperation, devotion, and desire for a truly imaginative cure for the main problem. The movie delivers on this last point. It would be wrong to see this as a chick flick, because as in The Full Monty the cast and crew are interested in men who try to figure out how to resolve conflicts and fix disasters without using anger and force, and who pretty much succeed. British and Commonwealth film is generally better than American at avoiding stereotypes of blue-collar masculinity and this is a particularly good and heart- warming example. The boy in the picture, who has to figure out what to do about his dad and his sister, is one of the great kids of recent film history.
Review By: cnewf
Contrasts immaturity&prejudice in adults with innocence, despite typical-character usage.
This film has despite ending up portraying a scene we’ve seen many times in Aussie films, and despite using a few simplifying methods in writing, to draw attention away from the adults, perhaps too much upon the 2 main child-characters,..

…managed to use the limited-scope and constrained reasons of the adult-characters choices in-amongst the plot, deliberately,..

…to then focus upon, a contrasting of innocent-immaturity or no-harm-done-immaturity with adult-immaturities, and denial, and evasion, with particular worthy-targeting of our dismissive bad-habits when it comes to estimating necessity.


When people grow up amongst different necessity when seeing-life-and-death-go-by,.. they sometimes gain wisdom from it, however, also, they sometimes end up shallow, and un-worldly, and insular, and recalcitrant.


not allowing this story/book?/script … to be dominated by adult-resolve, allowed both 1, the charm of the focus upon the small-world-of-trust between the two main children, and 2, the giant, almost, human world beyond the walls and fences,..

…to remain consistently-different throughout, even when one’s nostalgia or setting-aside-RL suspension-of-reality, is brought depressingly-back,.. to things like the ‘single-light-bulb kitchen’ , we’ve seen too many times, per guilt of services-neglect, or house/hold/home-creation-failure despair.


That allows for the adult reasonings, to be not … sidelined,.. but … KEPT in the background,.. theatrically – which i have to applaud, both in terms of us back in RL … needing to get-beyond, evolve-out,.. of, things like shallow insularism and recalcitrance, (which emotionally, has a immature emotional part, or sometimes can, when perhaps only appearing to be a ‘fully-considered-opinion’, whatever that means.

( Awareness of something being outside your ability to asses, what is or is not, ‘fully’ … considered, is no excuse for saying you necessarily-know, rather than simply ; can’t. Honesty? or false-confidence. CHOOSE. )

yeah yeah, who’s this film-critic, and why’s he dissing out-back culture? not as simple as that mate, give what i’m saying a chance.


Also, it does quite well to limit the number of social-interactions in the scenes, presumably from the original writing, when in often bleak, empty space out-back, there is a lot of time-inbetween, time-together, and people ‘either take the time’ to think inbetween the last time you saw ____, when then that time is precious, OR, they fail –

and despite this one being one with the dad falling into the latter category, ( potentially a aggressive checks-who’s-home more than he needs to / paranoid, type )…

… it does well to deliberately reject many choices of potentially dominating adult characters, and instead uses the stunted adult characters, to make the plot not too complicated for different ages to be able to follow it, but also to highlight what is wrong in the decision making of practically the whole town during that magistrate’s court scene, and what all the supposedly-adult, adults, are missing in terms of understanding the dad’s choices, or then also, what the consequences of a Kangaroo-court can be, in terms of MEMORY.

Just a film-snob from the city now, eh?

This film is not just a feel-good non-reality fantasy, when fantasies have to be SOMEwhere, in reality. Reality consists of both fantasy, and what we erroneously call reality in contrast-to, fantasy,.. when it’s undeniable that even fantasies, must exist in reality someWHERE.

That parallel reality, is quite well contrasted in terms of the memory of the adults, except for say the Doctor initially, although this film also does not waste too much time on it being a medical tortured-artist-in-a-mansion painting paintings you can’t appreciate, yawn-fest.

Not like that – instead, the hands-on so-to-speak, USE, of the reliability and consistency of imagination itself, used by the son character, defeating the only-this!!-needs-to-be-considered defaulting-behaviour of most of the town in the court scene,..

…steps-into the spaces not-occupied by empty-space relying,.. cops’ll always be too far away supposedly mature ‘adults’,.. …steps-UP, into this space in the disjointed, socially-neglected, even by his own dad,.. VOID …

… in a little bit of stretched-reality, but still mostly simultaneously-present-in-reality , reality,

and also,.. triumphs over the only physical-needs neglect also highly characterised and maybe stereotyped remaining-few wishing to only focus on the immaturity of the dad, while being unaware of the Doctor’s and magistrate’s reasons, to recognise the non-physical, unknowns.


The end of it is almost far less important than much of the build-up / middle, and also, not everything leads toward or branches out of the hero-boy’s moment in court – the persistence of out-back decision making, is consistent,..

…espeically since things like the differences between 1, the casual-ity with which a bunch of boys find or kill an animal for nothing more than metaphoric insult/prank … and 2, the choice to value the fragility in the daughter,

…is something that one may or may not care about, but is at least honestly,..

…openly PORTRAYED, in unambiguous abuse/neglect / CHOICE.

Since many who might think that only one side of reasoning when it comes to animals out-back, is either-or , of ; respect/no-human-higher-deservednesses , or , the simplification of humans-first.

WERE it as simple as that, most of the town would not have turned up to a even less with rights, or being even less worthy than an animal,.. imaginary construct, in the naive/forlorn hope, that caring for it,

…will somehow cause a miracle, etc.

So, WERE all decisions and values in the bush, as simple as human-priorities / pragmatisms-at-first-glance, first-reckoning, etc,..

…the INdirect, of their then, star-trek-irrational, reasons-to, would not be parallel, with being honest enough to say you don’t know, rather than do necessarily-only-one-way all the time.

But it is parallel – and so the non-physical, the unknowns of the non-physical, are Pandora’s-Box-like opened up when with little choice anyway,.. no alternative to facing the reality of unknowns, being available for them, TO AVOID facing the realities that will come upon them just as much as the imaginary-figures deaths, and by-extension also, the only in a single scene real dead, whatever it was, that the group of boys tied to the main character’s bike. Surely a dead rat or possum, or whatever else it was,.. is MORE REAL, than imaginary character, in other words. The directors, were not afraid of portraying that irony/hypocriticality.

The being brought-DOWN, to something far far less than a human, inevitability, is quite well matched-with purpose, of their acceptance, OF, the unknown – they accept, that they can’t-know, if-it-would-not,.. help her, simply – so it might, so they gamble on it.

Wanting no-more phosphorous from-birds pollination-gamblers, have gambled on less.


One sometimes has had no chance, when assuming no-value in things outside what you’ve taken into consideration when something is outside your EXPERIENCE, ( like ( less-phosphorous ) pollinators) so this film, chooses a very worthy path of valuing the seemingly valueless –

which say for instance, could easily be applied to a bit of biology, to point out the difference between a tree-dwelling pollinator / dead-branches maintainer, and by contrast,.. a omnivorous does sometimes eat rotting-flesh, plague-carrying, or gets-under-the-bathroom rodents.

Two very different things. Who were the town-‘defenders’ … proudly demonstrating how quick bush-‘readiness’ or -‘preparedness’ is?

can be, in that moment? to the, nothing-but-a film-critic snob from the city?


There were almost NO adults,.. psycho-social-developmentally,.. most were childish / extended-adolescents,.. in adult-form or otherwise, in this film,.. the doctor and magistrate,..

… not-many – so that neglected out-back … that,.. this-is-what-we’ve-got-to-work-with expectation … was maintained all the way through quite well.

* the film both allows for HOW, not-to, act, on things you value,..
to 1, be a failing of almost everyone, but also 2, manages to correctly set choices of things-to… but in a CONSISTENT childish or extended-adolescent HOW-TO way …

… which creates a sense of everyone being insufficient / slap-dash / the-best-that-you-can-be … inside. Yet that is too easy an answer, when it comes to some things.

80 years rather than 60 years, still isn’t much skin-kickers. We’re not there yet. Prefer birds? care-factor-zero. claw-holes in branches, get infected. ‘Rat’s not having claws keeps you cool in summer, assuming you’ve got the balls to fire off a few rounds to keep the birds away. Aim’s no good? then you’re fodder. Move it, trenchman – you don’t deserve to be a digger.


Watch these keeping the only-a-little differences in mind compared with some future far-far away, where consistencies like the cops’ll always be too far away is no longer the norm, say with invasive-tech … and you MIGHT, learn, what to stop doing, socially.

Even tho, how much you are to blame, for your fragmented, disjointed social spaces, is debatable.

You’re still not off the hook entirely. Still not ONLY, everyone else, to blame.

Review By: welshnew50

Other Information:

Original Title Opal Dream
Release Date 2006-07-12
Release Year 2006

Original Language en
Runtime 1 hr 26 min (86 min) (USA), 1 hr 25 min (85 min) (Australia)
Budget 5000000
Revenue 140666
Status Released
Rated PG
Genre Drama, Family
Director Peter Cattaneo
Writer Peter Cattaneo, Phil Traill, Ben Rice
Actors Sapphire Blossom, Christian Byers, Vince Colosimo
Country Australia, United Kingdom
Awards 1 win & 2 nominations
Production Company N/A
Website N/A

Technical Information:

Sound Mix Dolby Digital
Aspect Ratio 1.85 : 1
Camera Panavision Panaflex Gold II, Panavision Panaflex Millennium XL
Laboratory Cinevex Film Laboratory, Australia, DeLuxe, London, UK
Film Length N/A
Negative Format 35 mm
Cinematographic Process N/A
Printed Film Format 35 mm

Original title Opal Dream
TMDb Rating 6.2 20 votes

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