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Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives 1986 123movies

Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives 1986 123movies

Kill or be killed!Aug. 01, 198687 Min.
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Watch: Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives 1986 123movies, Full Movie Online – Tommy Jarvis returns to the graveyard to make sure Jason Voorhees is dead and accidentally brings him back to life. Now it’s up to Tommy to stop Jason’s mindless killing and put him back where he belongs..
Plot: Determined to finish off the infamous killer Jason Voorhees once and for all, Tommy Jarvis and a friend exhume Jason’s corpse in order to cremate him. Things go awry when Jason is instead resurrected, sparking a new chain of ruthlessly brutal murders. Now it’s up to Tommy to stop the dark, devious and demented deaths that he unwittingly brought about.
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6.0/10 Votes: 46,074
50% | RottenTomatoes
30/100 | MetaCritic
N/A Votes: 922 Popularity: 26.778 | TMDB


***Jason lives again as a horrific zombie, plus Megan (Jennifer Cooke)***

Released in 1986, “Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI” is notable for being the premiere of the zombie Jason as his rotting corpse is resurrected in the prologue indirectly through the actions of Tommy Jarvis and a friend who recently got out of a mental institution. This prologue also shows that Tommy didn’t murder Pam at the end of Part V and that he was simply experiencing hallucinations from his trauma with the diabolic Voorhees spirit. Another difference with Part VI is that we finally get to see a busload of kids, children, at Crystal Lake, although they changed the name to Forest Green. Tommy runs to the local police to inform them that Jason has been resurrected but the sheriff, of course, doesn’t believe him (would you?). His hot daughter, Megan, is attracted to Tommy and, when the bloody body count rises, the sheriff realizes that Jason is indeed alive.

Tommy Jarvis is played by Thom Mathews rather than John Shepherd, who was excellent in Part V. Thom is a worthy replacement, but I prefer Shepherd’s brooding charisma.

The film features one of the best Friday girls in Megan, played by Jennifer Cooke, although Pam from the previous film is my favorite. Other than that, though, the females in Part VI are rather weak, although the redhead in the Volkswagen is notable (Nancy McLoughlin).

The campiness of Part III and Part V returns for this installment, particularly with the goofy paintball warriors and the graveyard caretaker. But “Jason Lives” is noticeably superior to Part III and shares the kinetic vibe of Part V.

As far as locations go, Part VI returns to the East for filming, being shot roughly 40 miles East of Atlanta in Covington & Rutledge .

BOTTOM LINE: You either like the Friday the 13th series or you don’t. Part VI is another retread of the same Friday formula with the entertaining spirit of Part V and the distinction of Jason now being totally inhuman, a horrific zombie; not to mention the addition of children at the camp. It also has a better story than parts III and IV with the sheriff and his daughter & Tommy going after Jason, plus Megan is one of the top Friday girls in the series.

The film runs 91 minutes and the cut version 86 minutes.


Review By: Wuchak

Jason 6: Welcome To Camp Blood!

An absolute hoot of a addition to the Friday 13th franchise. As is often the way with the “Friday” sequels, you can talk to one horror fan and this is the worst of the bunch, talk to another and it’s the best etc etc. There’s a more airy touch here and it serves the formula well, which if the series’ fans are honest, is a formula that was getting stale quite early in the chain, so any sort of new ideas or direction is most welcome.

After a glorious James Bond parody opens the credits sequence, accompanied by Harry Manfredini’s superbly thunderous musical score, we get long running tormented character Tommy, here played by Thom Matthews, digging up Jason Voorhees’ corpse so as to make sure the evil one is dead – oh and to kill him again. Enter a glorious Frankenstein homage (cheeky steal if you like) that sets us up for another round of stalk and dismember as Jason heads back to Camp Crystal Lake, which is now called Camp Forest Green!

The kills are not particularly inventive, but there’s a real thud of humour about much of them. From an American Express Card to a bloody smiley face imprint, it’s clear the makers have a glint in their eyes. We even get an early appearance from Tony Goldwyn, some four years before Ghost would make him a known name. Adding to the quality score, which BTW rattles around home cinema speakers lie a supernatural entity, is Jon Kranhouse’s cinematography, which is gorgeous in colour lens selections. All that and you get an Alice Cooper soundtrack as well.

From joyful reanimation to a suitably watery finale, this part 6 delivers more than enough to almost make you rush out to rent part 7. Almost… 6.5/10

Review By: John Chard
Jason is back from the dead
In Part Five the viewer wondered whether Jason was back from the dead for most of the film… in this one there is no doubt. Tommy Jarvis and a friend go to the cemetery to dig up Jason in the belief that seeing his body will end Tommy’s nightmares… unfortunately a lightning strike reanimates Jason. Tommy’s friend is killed but he escapes and alerts the local sheriff. Not surprisingly he isn’t believed and when Jason starts killing again it is believed that Tommy is doing it so he will be believed. Around about the same time the first group of children and councillors arrive at Camp Forest Green, not realising that area was renamed from Crystal Lake. Tommy, with the help of the sheriff’s daughter, determines to defeat Jason again… but before they confront each other many unsuspected people will die.

It becomes clear from early on that even though this is still pretty gory it is also being played for laughs much of the time. This film also gets rid of the gratuitous nudity that the last couple featured; probably a good choice as it didn’t add anything to the story. I know many don’t like the previous film because it wasn’t really Jason, and I can understand that, I preferred that to the unstoppable zombie we have now. That said the way he returned, in the manner of Frankenstein’s Monster was rather fun. The vast majority of the characters served little purpose other than to be killed by Jason, and in one case provide him with a new machete. Having children at the camp was a bit of a distraction; even though everybody else was fair game nobody watching is likely to think the children are likely to be harmed… even the kids talking about their expected deaths don’t seem scared. Overall I was a bit disappointed in this; although I confess that might be because the friend who lent me the disc said it was ‘awesome’ leading to too high expectations. Anyway if you enjoyed previous instalments give this a go… you might agree with my friend.

Review By: Tweekums
Every installment gets worse than the last one. Except this one.
The movie starts off fairly well, relatively speaking. Tommy Jarvis has grown up into a young man and returns to Jason’s grave, unable to go on living unless he can completely verify for himself that Jason is really dead. On the other hand, digging up Jason’s grave and essentially freeing him (since Tommy doesn’t believe that Jason can be killed) doesn’t exactly strike me as the best course of action. What was he planning to do, collect Jason’s teeth and go check his dental records? At any rate, at least there is some thought put into an interesting way to bring Jason back to life, at least long enough to kill enough kids to fill up another movie.

Tommy digs Jason up and then stabs his decayed corpse with a nearby fencepost, which is promptly struck by lightning thus bringing Jason back to life. It was earlier in this scene in the movie that someone utters the line, “Some folks have a strange idea of entertainment,” which I had planned on using as the summary line in my review. Sadly, I logged on to the IMDb and the first thing I noticed was that I was not as clever as I thought. It is, after all, one of the best lines in the movie, since it is such a tongue in cheek jab at the movie’s biggest fans.

During the paintball scene that soon follows, I was immediately struck by the intelligence of the characters. I really appreciate that this movie has people in it who are boneheads but they’re not stupid. These are regular guys with undeveloped intellects rather than the typical horror movie moron, one of the worst things to ever see in a horror film. Or any other film, for that matter. It is a great scene when Jason gets his hands on a machete, for example. One of the boneheads in the movie, Burt, is shot by a woman during the paintball game, after which he proceeds to hack away at the trees around him, and check this out. He curses to himself that she shouldn’t have been out there in the first place, she should have stayed where she belonged (presumably the kitchen), etc. This is a development of his character as well as the revelation of a deep character flaw that allows the audience to enjoy his death even after learning something about who he is. When was someone invented as fodder ever given that depth of character? Never!

Sure, we hardly learn about his childhood and his dreams, but the point is that he ceases to be nothing but some poor sucker to get hacked up in a creative way by Jason. Then you have the other guy who loses his gun. Again, a lesser horror film would have had him lose his gun through some monumental act of paralyzing stupidity. In this film, he’s just an office geek who isn’t used to handling guns. He thinks he’s in a warzone but he is just out of his element, and Jason is closing in to remind him of where he belongs. These are some of the best characters ever put into the Friday the 13th series.

Granted, the movie does have its share of lame goofiness. The cemetery man (that’s a good movie, too), for example, at the beginning responds to Tommy’s request to dig up Jason with something like, “Dig him up? Does he think I’m a farthead?! Huh huh huh!” but the characters clearly have the most depth and meaning that we have seen in the series so far. The dumbest characters in the movie are the cops, which I’m sure has some sort of hidden message (which Hitchcock would have appreciated, no doubt), and there is also a clever scene involving the TV. One of the kids staying at the camp (oh, I forgot to tell you, they’ve changed the charming name of Camp Blood so that they can operate as a summer camp) one night swears that she saw a monster. The counselors tell her that it’s okay, it was just a bad dream, but she insists that it was real, “just like TV.” Hear that, parents? Don’t let your kids watch too much TV or they’ll grow up and watch movies like this!

Besides that, the little girl’s name was Nancy. Could this be an homage to Nightmare on Elm Street?

There is an interesting plot structure that involves the police thinking that Tommy is doing the killing, which ties in neatly with their status as the dumbest guys in the movie. This is leaps and bounds better than the sequels that preceded it (and light years better than Part VIII!!), there’s even some good direction. The shot of Jason standing on top of the burning motor-home is one of the best shots thus far in the series. If you’re going to watch some Friday the 13th movies, definitely don’t miss this one. It’s easy to get tired of the same old thing by this point, but this one is worth skipping ahead to see.

Review By: Anonymous_Maxine

Other Information:

Original Title Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives
Release Date 1986-08-01
Release Year 1986

Original Language en
Runtime 1 hr 26 min (86 min)
Budget 3000000
Revenue 19472057
Status Released
Rated R
Genre Horror, Thriller
Director Tom McLoughlin
Writer Tom McLoughlin, Sean S. Cunningham, Victor Miller
Actors Thom Mathews, Jennifer Cooke, David Kagen
Country United States
Awards 2 nominations
Production Company N/A
Website N/A

Technical Information:

Sound Mix Ultra Stereo
Aspect Ratio 1.85 : 1
Camera Arriflex 35 BL III
Laboratory Continental Film Laboratories, Miami (FL), USA (film processing), Metrocolor, Hollywood (CA), USA
Film Length N/A
Negative Format 35 mm
Cinematographic Process Spherical
Printed Film Format 35 mm

Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives 1986 123movies
Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives 1986 123movies
Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives 1986 123movies
Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives 1986 123movies
Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives 1986 123movies
Original title Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives
TMDb Rating 6.219 922 votes

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