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A Frosty Affair 2015 123movies

A Frosty Affair 2015 123movies

Oct. 03, 201590 Min.
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Watch: A Frosty Affair 2015 123movies, Full Movie Online – 40 Below and Falling tells the story of Kate Carter, a teacher from a small, Northern Canadian town, who is moving back to the big city for her wedding. After quitting her job and packing up her life, Kate feels certain that this is the future she has always wanted – that is until her flight gets cancelled by a blizzard and she meets a surly stranger named Redford. With all road travel being suspended, Kate is forced to hop on the back of Redford’s snowmobile and embark on an adventure that will leave her questioning the decision she has made about the man she is set to marry..
Plot: A rom-com about the adventures of a small town teacher, Kate Carter, going back to the city for her wedding. After a blizzard strikes, she is forced to travel with a stranger named Redford who leaves her questioning her future plans.
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5.8/10 Votes: 1,876
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Not bad, not good. Heroine was terrible
(Some spoilers but nothing major) When you sit down for a movie like this, you know what to expect. Saccharine sweetness that makes you want to roll your eyes but sometimes these movies surprise you so, like me, you remain ever hopeful. Unfortunately the biggest problem in this movie is Kate. Annoying Kate who thinks she knows everything. Invites herself to go on this journey with Redford and then is absolutely NOT helpful at all. Nearly sets the barn on fire, attracts a bear to their belongings because of course she doesn’t listen to him. She can do it all, but does she help carry anything along the way? Nope. Does she listen to him about the ice? Not even a little bit.

This movie would have been tolerable if Kate had been a better person.

Review By: objection-47456
So bad, it’s kinda good
This review is full of spoilers. In fact I give the whole movie away to explain how bad it is and why maybe it’s even good. Look away now if you must experience this icy train wreck yourself. Otherwise…

Remember Jewel Staite, the plucky engine mechanic from Firefly? Well, 2015 was not her comeback year. In A Frosty Affair she plays Kate Carter, a grammar school teacher who’s leaving her small, remote town for good to get married, but a massive snow storm shuts down the town’s tiny airport and the roads won’t be cleared in time for her to get to the altar. Drastic measures must be taken and she buys the most pathetic-looking Charlie Brown Christmas tree snowmobile and partners up with Redford, a classic brooding, outdoorsman type who says two words between scowls. The two begin an unlikely partnership and embark on a Planes, Trains and Automobiles trek through the wilderness to get to the nearest town of any significance. Near death and hijinks ensue.

Holy moly is this film laden with ineptness and short cuts. Like at the start of the film, a huge snow drift has piled up in front of Kate’s house. She throws her luggage through the small gap and then shimmies out behind it and body surfs to the driveway. Apparently, as she’s leaving town she’s just going to leave the door wide open to the elements. Anyway, then she walks in knee-deep snow for a mile to the airport, dragging her luggage behind her, only to learn to the surprise of no one, it’s shut down. Begging the question, why didn’t she just call first?

And that’s the tip of the iceberg. The film machine guns these ridiculous contrivances and goofy setups to move the plot along and attempt a laugh on the way, and yet they’re the kind of leaps more appropriate for children’s cartoons. But that’s only the case when they aren’t extremely messed up. I’m not kidding. In the first five minutes her boss is trying to hook up with her before she leaves town while she’s still, as he puts it, “free”. Her sister is trying to hook up with her fianc√©. Kate and Redford find a seemingly deserted cabin and stay the night, only to be woken up by the crazy old coot in the woods, who wonders how much Kate would go for as a prostitute before kicking her out and then moving in to sexually assault Redford, Deliverance-style. And believe me, there’s more.

Eventually the pair lose their snowmobile to a grizzly bear and continue on foot, and it takes on a wilderness survival angle with low IQ results. All of this is made even more bizarre and confusing since it’s set to a lighthearted derpy derp derp soundtrack. Scenes of mortal danger are handled varyingly with a carefree “oopsie” breeziness, to actual seriousness. We never really know how this film wants to be taken and it changes its mind often.

While Kate and Redford are warming up to the idea of leaving their respective significant others and shacking up Wild America style, there’s a whole side-setting involving Kate’s fiance and her family. Her father, played by Shaun Johnston, looks like a cross between R. Lee Ermey and Huey Lewis, and when it comes to being the beleaguered father-of-the-bride, boy he plays the hell out of this role, whining and moaning at every opportunity.

In one attempt at a fatherly moment trying to reassure his future son-in-law who is sick with worry over his absent bride to be, he delivers one of the film’s choice quotes: “Now some men prefer Scotch. Others prefer golf. Even others prefer the, well, the company of prostitutes.” Then he goes on to teach him a relaxation technique of curling his toes in plush carpet. Wholesome meets holy sh**! once again.

Meanwhile, creepy sister gives it a whirl with the fiance, as she starts giving him a shoulder massage that starts heading in a southerly direction, she says, “Brad, you’re almost family. What could be more right than comforting each other?” Uh, just what kind of family is this?

The unintended genius of this film is it’s juxtaposition of scenes that just barely scrape the lower bounds of reasonableness and sanity, and give you slight hope, only to table-flip things into creepy absurdity without warning, or even awareness. It’s all bound by the suggestion of a family-friendly Hallmark-style movie. It’s a kind of wholesome depravity. There’s honestly not one sane character, let alone a likable one. It feels like the screenplay was written by extra-terrestrials trying to approximate human emotion after watching nothing but Quentin Tarantino and David Lynch films. Was it all intended? Am I the rube here? Who knows, but let’s keep moving.

Anyway, Kate and Redman the mountain man finally make it to a motel – aptly named “The Last Resort” – but of course there’s only one room left and it’s the bow chicka wow wow hooker hookup special with strobing lights, igloo theme and a disco ball.

While in the shower trying to clean the stink of this movie off her, Kate starts to think about hooking up with mountain stud. She exits the shower clad in only a towel to muster his little lumberjack and small awkwardness ensues. They swap places and its Redford’s turn to clean the career-low shame from his wretched conscience. Kate, being as morally askew as this entire film, goes through Redford’s stuff and finds a picture of his wife and kid. She gets an attack of the feels and realizes what we knew ten minutes into this turd: she’s an annoying horrible person. She gets dressed and prepares to leave. Redford comes out and now it’s his towel-clad turn, dynamite areolas and steroid abdominals lighting up the screen, but Kate is bound for the door. Realizing he’s not getting any, and that she went through his stuff, he tells her he lives out in the woods all alone because of crazy women like her.

Kate catches a cab home (why didn’t she do this right when they got into town?). There’s no tearful reunion or “thank god you’re alive” moment with her family. She’s been missing for days and almost died in the woods from a bear, flying off a snowmobile, a crazy sexual assault hobo, crashing through a frozen lake, exposure, starvation and drunk driving a snow plow, but she shows up and now she’s just there, and everyone is acting like she just came back from a really long line at the grocery store.

Let me consult my giant book of formula plots… ah yes, of course. It’s revealed unassuming mountain man Redford wasn’t going back to see his wife but his MOM. He’s a good mama’s boy and he risked his damn life trekking across the frozen tundra to see her on her birthday, which he does every year. Cue the sappiness and acoustic guitar.

While in town he visits his daughter and gets closure with his ex-wife who he hooked up with while her husband was away but came back and… jeez louise this is complicated, so screw it. The bottom line is he’s actually not an antisocial, emotionally impregnable mountain man, but a really great guy and single. The proverbial Prince Charming. That sets the stage for Kate and him to hook up.

Only not really cause Kate’s kind of a total piece of human garbage. And Redman, knowing there’s a groom waiting in the wings, pretty much is, too. Predictably, Kate leaves her fiance at the altar to get with Redman. Double bonus, this schmuck’s name is Brad. “I’m so sorry, BRAD. You’re such an amazing guy, BRAD. I can’t do this, BRAD.” Kate walks out of the church and Kate’s sister immediately moves in to comfort Brad at the altar, and there’s a wink wink nudge nudge moment where Brad wryly smiles at his “replacement” sister. Yet another example of the sociopathic wholesomeness of this film. Dad sees this and he smiles, too. This is this film’s psychopathic take of “all’s well that end’s well”. Again, what the hell is up with this family?

Just in case it’s not clear Kate is as likeable as cancer, she walks ten steps out of the church and Redman pulls up on his snowmobile. They start making out RIGHT THERE, as a goopy Taylor Swift-like song begins to play. Like not even the sly nod and “lets get the heck out of here and find the nearest hotel”. Nope, just in case heartbroken Brad looks out the window to see the love of his life walking away, he’ll get a front row seat of the guy who’ll be ballin’ his ex-fiancee in about fifteen minutes, sucking on her face right outside the church. Maybe he doesn’t care since he’s got backup sister sex all lined up. Maybe dad will even work the camera.

Kate and Redman hop on his snowmobile, and just then her whole family and former fiancee burst out of the church to see them ride off into the distance.

The end. It’s horrible.

I don’t have a problem with morally vacant films, but the casualness, ease, unawareness and even wholesomeness of the sociopathic turns in Frost Affair are somehow stealthy and caught me off guard. While I was eye-rolling it’s goofy ineptness, BOOM her sister is trying to sleep with her fiancee. It hits you like that.

Anyway, if you’re into this trash it’s definitely worth a watch. The technicals – cinematography, editing, sound – are all competent and it never bogs down. It feels like a sincere effort and the product of undiagnosed mental illness and unresolved family issues. In other words, all the key ingredients of a great bad film. Check it out.

Review By: gmaileatsyourlunch

Other Information:

Original Title A Frosty Affair
Release Date 2015-10-03
Release Year 2015

Original Language en
Runtime 1 hr 36 min (96 min)
Budget 0
Revenue 0
Status Released
Rated TV-14
Genre Adventure, Comedy, Romance
Director Dylan Pearce
Writer Aaron James
Actors Jewel Staite, Shawn Roberts, Chris Craddock
Country Canada
Awards 4 wins & 5 nominations
Production Company N/A
Website N/A

Technical Information:

Sound Mix N/A
Aspect Ratio 2.39 : 1
Camera N/A
Laboratory N/A
Film Length N/A
Negative Format N/A
Cinematographic Process N/A
Printed Film Format N/A

A Frosty Affair 2015 123movies
Original title A Frosty Affair
TMDb Rating 5.5 21 votes

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