Prince of Peoria - Season 1 Episode 5

Story of a wealthy prince who travels to the US to live as an exchange student. While living in anonymity, the prince strikes up an unlikely friendship.

Genre: Comedy

Actor: Theodore Barnes

Director: Devin Bunje , Nick Stanton

Country: USA

Episode: 5/16 eps

Duration: 25 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2018

IMDb: 5.7

Season 1 - Prince of Peoria
"Teddy gets jealous when his Mom starts spending so much time with Emil."
"Teddy wants to win tickets to see the musical Fillmore, but when his chances are destroyed, he realizes Emil has a special phone that is for Royals to get what ever they want and he persuades Emil to use it to get the tickets."
"Emil throws a birthday party of Teddy's 13th birthday. But things don't go exactly as planned."
"Emil and Regina set out to pull the best April Fools Joke on Teddy. But Teddy ends up turning the tables on them."
"Emil proposes to Teddy to be his BFF but Teddy is embarrassed. But when an old pen pal Teddy's shows up and starts being BFF's with Emil, Teddy decides to step up."